Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As a an adult

As a child I…
As an adult I…
Always wanted name brand Crayola crayons but that was a luxury item in my family – I got the melt in your hand if you hold it for too long wax crayon knockoffs instead.
Have a secret box in my house that holds an unused collection of Crayola crayons, markers, and pencils.
Tasted my boogers on occasion – salty!
(don’t get disgusted – it was only a handful of times)
Can proudly say that I tasted my boogers on occasion and find it funny when I stick my finger up my nose just to weird people out.
Fell way too many times – the scars on my shins and knees are a testament to that.
Know how to pick myself right back up again, dust my bottom off, and laugh it off!!
Hung out with the boys way more than the girls (drama free is the way to be!!)
Still prefer to be hanging out with the boys rather than the girls – apparently, the drama is exponentially more as you get older!!
Had my mom tape my ears back for hours at a time because I looked like Dumbo from ages 6-11
Can laugh about this while I stick my ears out and cross my eyes to make a funny face!
Had really short hair.
Have long hair and have brief moments that I want to chop it off – when I look at a picture of me as a child, I forget all about it!
Hated all cheeses – stinky stinky stinky!!
Like eating cheese – except for the stinky ones – stinky stinky stinky!!
Did not know the taste of yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese, and milk. Cereal was eaten with juice or water!!
Just recently started using yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and cheese in the foods I eat. Milk is still a no no unless it’s chocolate milk – then all is okay!
Loved soggy sandwiches
Love soggy sandwiches
Was never afraid of the dark or thought there were monsters under my bed or in my closet
Hate creepy, horror, scary movies – haven’t seen one since I was 16!!

When I saw The Exorcist at the theaters – I was the ONLY one that screamed when the telephone rang in the beginning of the movie! Wimp!!
Never had a favorite blanket, toy, teddy bear, etc.
Don’t have material attachments or store anything away because of sentimental value – except for the Crayola crayons!!
Sesame Street
, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, The Berentain Bears, all Disney movies, and The Power Rangers.
Will stop and watch these shows from time to time when they’re on tv – except for The Power Rangers (what was I thinking??)

What were you like as a child that, in turn, affects you as an adult?!