Monday, October 11, 2010

Confession: Peeping me

Hi, my name is Marianna and I like to stare/look into/peep into/glance into people's houses when I walk past a window or door that's open. Now - this works best in apartment building/condo complex type houses because although I'm quite nosey - I will NEVER go up to a house/window just to look in. Nor will I plaster my face on a window in creepy stalker fashion. NO!! That's just plain scary. BUT, when I am walking past a window or even a wide open door that I'm only 3 feet away from, I will do the casual walk by glance. I like to see how clean/unclean people's houses are compared to mine. What type of couches they have, curtains, cabinet colors, what they put on top of their fridge (i.e. cereal), if they have pots and pans on the stove, a sink full of dishes, laundry basket on the floor - pretty much anything really! Now before you start thinking I'm beyond weird or creepy, I would like to tell you that I'm just observant - I don't sit around my house waiting for the next door or window to be opened so I can quickly sneak peek my way around. I just glance whenever I'm presented with a chance to see how other people live their lives. Observation - that's all!!  I also like to see how people function in their daily lives - and believe me - the .2 seconds that it takes me to catch a look, I've seen love (like flowers on a table or hugs between parents and their kids), grossness (is that even a word??) (like people picking away at their nose), courtesy (like siblings speaking quietly while their new baby brother takes a nap in the living room), foggy kitchen windows (because a new meal has just been prepared for family dinner), and most embarrassingly - eyes staring right back at me!! That's when I think I should really stop this observation obsession!! Is anyone out there like this too or should I seek therapy ASAP!??