Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I heart Pom Poms

So I've been loving on tissue paper pom poms but being the cheapy that I am - I wanted to know how I can get my hands on these beauties without paying too much for them.

After much google searches, I've found the directions to a DIY of tissue paper pom poms and you bet I'm going to be trying these in the very very very near future -

Directions here -

Picture of Pom Poms here -

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you Gelish??


I'm blown away by the new product my nail salon is using. It's called Gelish and it's a type of Gel based nail polish that is dried using LED or UV lights. My regular nail polish would only stick around for no more than 2 days. I've been going 5 days strong with the Gelish polish and no chips, peels, or fading. It still sparkles in the light! The salon said it would last up to 3 weeks! I'm in love and in no way paid to talk about this awesome polish!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is it Friday, yet??

It's no joke, I live for the weekend. There isn't anything in particular that I look forward to but I know that every weekend is filled with family. Most of the time, it's a family dinner on Saturdays, family breakfast on Sundays, or a family weekendpaloosa (is that a word?). Yup, family weekendpaloosa. It's when I get to see the familia Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. What do I like so much about spending time with my family you ask? Well, let's see. I love that my grandparents get to be surrounded by their four grandchildren (ranging in age from 26 to 6). I love that my six year old cousin gives my sister and I lessons on how to apply glitter lipgloss and smack our lips. I laugh everytime my uncle waves enthusiastically at an "invisible guest" coming in the front door, causing everyone to stop what they're doing and turn to greet this "guest" only to find there was no one there to begin with. We fall for it EVERYTIME! I love smelling the all too familiar BBQ on the grill with everyone eating the yumminess before it even gets to the table. My grandpa, who is usually the one making the BBQ, will give a piece or two as he's taking the meat off the grill, then he annouces that it's time to eat the rest of the meal at the Salad Bar (the dinner table). If he's had a few drinks, he'll call it the Balad Sar!! Although this scene is pretty much on repeat every weekend, I still look forward to it everytime. Because there's always something new to laugh about, something new to share with everyone, and something to make us all look forward to spending another weekend together - as a family!!